"Look ma'! I have my own website now!"

--Kalen Jordan

What exactly would you say you do around here, Kalen?
"What exactly would you say you do around here?"

Well, let's see. I built a talent marketplace called Commerce Hero, which is my main day job. Aside from that, I podcast with my buddy Phillip, live stream daily and tweet a fair bit.

I don't mean to toot my own horn but...

Mosses Akizian
There are many great startup founders – then there’s @kalenjordan Family man. Passionate. Dedicated. #realmagento #DiscoverKalen
Brent W. Peterson
I now depend on to try out whatever app, website or new product on the internet that I am not interested in so I can sign up and then become interested in it.
Isaiah Bollinger
Kalen has helped us build a world class team at a much more affordable price than other recruiting options.
Ash Smith
10/10 I don’t know what you’re selling but Brent sold it to me.
Galen Gidman
Kalen Jordan is a good enough Twitter follow to keep me from unfollowing him
I think he's Canadian, all over my LinkedIn feed and bums Magento
Phillip Jackson
Best ever is being in church using the Bible app and Kalen blowing up your DMs...Friggin love that guy
Kalpesh Mehta
Kalen is Mr. King of Magento Podcast
Aaron Sheehan
Kalen is a dynamic, visionary thought leader who routinely excels at life, liberty, and the pursuit of dude-ness. His physique is an example to us all; a handsome man as well as a powerful man.
Allan MacGregor
You win favourite easter egg of 2019
(See if you can find the easter egg Allan's talking about on the website)

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