Oct 11, 2019

Authenticity In Podcasts

Jon Bownds and I continued to discuss topics related to technology and business together. Here's what we discussed about authenticity in podcasts:

Jon: There's a certain kind of authenticity and honesty and a willingness to cover disparate topics that has been missing. We're incentivized financially to say things like, "Elevators in malls are killing 30 people a year. You need to be scared of elevators." We know that's going to sell. If there was a way to have a model where you could deliver information that was a little bit more authentic and intellectually honest, that would be a big positive change.

Me: The Serial podcast was really interesting. Sarah Koenig dug up a case where someone was convicted of a crime and drilled into in depth, interviewing people and digging into what really happened. It got so much traction that they reopened his case.

I saw a tweet recently that essentially predicted that someone will make a killing doing something like that, a 12 episode series, where the final two are paid. I remember how hooked I was on that podcast...I absolutely would have paid for the last two.

Jon: It's a tiny bit mercenary. But it makes sense. I like giving away a lot of your content. My favorite Radiohead album is "n Rainbows. They gave it away free. As an artist, you can incentivize your work by giving some of it away.

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