Oct 11, 2019

LinkedIn Events And Meetup Alternatives

LinkedIn just implemented a new events feature for planning professional meetups.

I've been looking through the page. I do wish they had a landing page for the events feature. Hopefully that will come in the future.

On the topic of meetups, I saw a tweet recently from Chris Achard saying that Meetup is about to start charging for RSVPs to their events. He's building an alternative.

I recently tried to create an event for Magehike (a local Austin area event for the Magento community). That was the first time I realized you had to pay a monthly fee of $20-30. I wasn't really sure if I would be holding these events regularly, and wished there was a pay-per-event option.

That did make me wonder what alternatives exist for Meetup. I ended up going with Facebook events, but came across a snag because many of our community members no longer have a Facebook. There didn't seem to be a great alternative. So I will be keeping an eye out to see what develops with LinkedIn events. It sounds like a very interesting feature.

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